tc Server tc Runtime Repository

tc Server includes the ability to install tc Runtimes (Tomcat) which were not included with the tc Server distribution. This allows for easy updating of the tc Runtime without needing to download need tc Server distribution packages.

tc Runtime Basics

  • A tc Runtime is a VMware build Tomcat package equivalent to Apache Tomcat with additional features provided by VMware and possibly fixes as noted in the release notes for that version. These exceptions are typically additional fixes for CVE and other critical bug fixes which are applied to a Tomcat version and released by VMware prior to an official Apache Tomcat release.

  • A tc Runtime is required to run a web application(tc Runtime Instance) and is the heart of tc Server.

  • A tc Runtime is distributed in the form of a .zip file. Alternatively .deb and .rpm packages are provided, however, those are only used when managing tc Runtimes outside of tc Server.

  • tc Runtimes are stored in a local directory available to the tcserver command.

VMware Remote tc Runtime Repository

VMware provides a remote repository of all supported tc Runtimes. This repository is accessible to the tcserver command automatically.

In order to access this repository the following requirements must be met:

  • The host running tcserver must be able to reach on port 443
  • The tcserver command must be run with Java 8 or newer.

When tcserver is unable to reach an internal store may be used. See next section for more details

tc Runtimes On-Demand (version 4.1.0+)

A new feature added in tc Server 4.1.0 is to connect to and download automatically from the tc Runtime Repository when the tc Runtime version requested doesn’t exist locally.

This feature requires access to the Remote tc Runtime Repository (as described above).

This on-demand feature is enabled by default in 4.1.0, however, it may be disabled if network connectivity is restricted.

Disabling this feature may be done by editing conf/ and setting runtimes.ondemand=false.

tc Server 4.1.4+ This feature may also be disabled/enabled on the fly by specifying --tcs-property runtimes.ondemand=false on the command line. This will not edit the property in conf/

Storing tc Runtimes on Local/Internal Network (version 4.1.4+)

This feature requires tc Server version 4.1.4 or newer

When it is not feasible or possible to use the Remote tc Runtime Repository tc Server can retrieve returns from provided URLs and install them to the local filesystem.

The basic usage of this feature is as follows:

tcserver get-runtime --uri --shasum 553b981888cc446681599e2427f0835f2e9946129935a23fb1ac521c0dd508c2

The filename is equivalent to the name downloaded from Tanzu Network. The tcserver command doesn’t care about the filename however it is recommended to keep the filename. The SHA-256 hash is provided in the above example and is obtained via Tanzu Network it is optional however strongly recommended to use the value to verify the integrity of the file.

Once the tc Runtime is installed via get-runtime it may be used the same as any other tc Runtime.

The URL used may be either http, https, or file scheme. At this time supplying a username/password is not supported.

This feature is not available for use with tc Runtimes on-demand