Obtaining tc Server

This document describes the various ways to download VMware tc Server and tc Runtimes.

VMware Tanzu Network Web User Interface

VMware distributes tc Server via VMware Tanzu Network. This distribution network hosts .zip, .tar.gz., and .rpm files. To access the files on VMware Tanzu Network you will need to join or login as an existing account.

Once logged into VMware Tanzu Network you will be presented with a list of files related to releases of tc Server

The version number by “Releases:” should show the latest released version of tc Server. The drop down may be used to change the desired version.

There are typically three separate types of released files which are:

  • VMware tc Server Developer Edition - Files related to the Developer Edition of tc Server. These files are in .tar.gz and .zip formats.
  • VMware tc Server Standard Edition - Files related to the Standard Edition of tc Server. These files are in .tar.gz, .zip, and .rpm formats.
  • VMware tc Server - tc Runtimes - Files related to only the tc Runtimes. These files are in .rpm and .zip formats. Note: tc Runtime versions are compatible with multiple tc Server versions. There will be previously released tc Runtime versions listed in this category.

Navigate the categories to find the desired file(s). To download a file you may be requested to accepted the VMware EULA.

VMware tc Server Cloud Native Buildpack

As of VMware tc Server 4.1.4 a Cloud Native Buildpack is available. Use of the tc Server Cloud Native Buildpack does not require installation of VMware tc Server prior to using the buildpack.

VMware Tanzu Network Command Line Interface

VMware provides a command line based tool for downloading files from VMware Tanzu Network. This tool may be used to download files in a scripted or automated environment.

Note: This tool is maintained by VMware, however, it is not part of tc Server. Any issues with the tool should be reported via it’s GitHub page. Instructions for obtaining and installing this tool are provided on that page. This document assumes you have successfully installed the tool and have obtained an VMware Tanzu Network API token or UAA Refresh Token.

For a description of the types of files available via VMware Tanzu Network please see the above section

The tool may be used to list all files related to tc Server. The following is an example of the command line and output.

> pivnet product-files -p tc-server-4x-core -r 4.1.4
|   ID   |              NAME              | FILE VERSION |      FILE TYPE      |                              SHA256                              |                                  AWS OBJECT KEY                                   |
| 794511 | VMware tc Server Open Source   | 4.1.4        | Open Source License | 36d98db64daa9db15d616ff9f88e6fc2ba32917d99681addfba922e96dd7d22e | product-files/tc-server-core-4x/vmware-tcserver-4.1.4-odp.tar.gz                  |
|        | Disclosure Package             |              |                     |                                                                  |                                                                                   |
| 793928 | VMware tc Server Open Source   | 4.1.4        | Open Source License | 568d8c51d98eff106bcebf3a51132094b3dda0ee6c8d964af8700705e8be86c2 | product-files/tc-server-core-4x/open_source_license_VMware_tc_Server_4.1.4_GA.txt |
|        | Licenses                       |              |                     |                                                                  |                                                                                   |
| 793795 | VMware tc Server Standard      | 4.1.4        | Software            | bcac5c2f5f696bf60aa7c0120e4ef78794509c841a18f2e4b39935624e31a5ef | product-files/tc-server-core-4x/pivotal-tc-server-4.1.4-RELEASE.noarch.rpm        |
|        | Edition (rpm)                  |              |                     |                                                                  |                                                                                   |
| 793798 | VMware tc Server Standard      | 4.1.4        | Software            | cf1844ef9bea85a88479ea2e60934188138668a80730e248b2148bb375d4e80c | product-files/tc-server-core-4x/pivotal-tc-server-standard-4.1.4.RELEASE.tar.gz   |
|        | Edition (tar.gz)               |              |                     |                                                                  |                                                                                   |
| 793799 | VMware tc Server Standard      | 4.1.4        | Software            | 9eef45de224982fbc3d18c1f20b9a9960f03c7cfc486b7715595b55908586076 | product-files/tc-server-core-4x/pivotal-tc-server-standard-4.1.4.RELEASE.zip      |
|        | Edition (zip)                  |              |                     |                                                                  |                                                                                   |
| 793800 | VMware tc Server Standard      | 4.1.4        | Software            | f5c7713c6120ace3f7d5fa46295d5d5296619e11081e61b9be797bf86ac355c4 | product-files/tc-server-core-4x/pivotal-tc-server_4.1.4-RELEASE_all.deb           |
|        | Edition (deb)                  |              |                     |                                                                  |                                                                                   |
| 793796 | VMware tc Server Developer     | 4.1.4        | Software            | ebe65a349b3e850826fd813c4d4be08a086c4321a5f1b847f5fb52be94e8eb66 | product-files/tc-server-core-4x/pivotal-tc-server-developer-4.1.4.RELEASE.tar.gz  |
|        | Edition (tar.gz)               |              |                     |                                                                  |                                                                                   |
| 793797 | VMware tc Server Developer     | 4.1.4        | Software            | 6f9dcee6433fb93ad58d2430fd13523b0fa52ec5368a3839775c4c2b77ba758f | product-files/tc-server-core-4x/pivotal-tc-server-developer-4.1.4.RELEASE.zip     |
|        | Edition (zip)                  |              |                     |                                                                  |                                                                                   |

The command line requested all files related to release version 4.1.4

pivnet product-files -p tc-server-4x-core -r 4.1.4

The version may be changed for newer or older releases.

If you want to download a file you may do so with the following.

pivnet download-product-files -i 793798 -r 4.1.4 -p tc-server-4x-core

In the above example -i 793798 specifies the ID of product-files/tc-server-core-4x/pivotal-tc-server-standard-4.1.4.RELEASE.tar.gz The id number of the desired file should be substituted for 793798

The following example will download all .rpm related files, including tc Runtime versions released with older tc Server versions.

pivnet download-product-files --glob="*.rpm" -r 4.1.4 -p tc-server-4x-core

Further options are available and may be seen by obtained from the help of the pivnet command

tc Server Maven Repository

Deprecated and will be discontinued as of December 31, 2020. If you require this feature please contact support

tc Server has artifacts available via maven. This enables use as an embedded application or for use with Spring Boot. These artifacts are available via the VMware Commercial Repository and requires a signup (separate from VMware Tanzu Network) and acceptance of the VMware EULA.

Please see the following links for specific details