VMware tc Server Feature Chart

Difference Between VMware tc Server and Apache Tomcat

The following is a list of additional features of tc Server vs the default Apache Tomcat

  • Tooling for easy management of instances
  • Cloud Native Buildpack
  • Separation of CATALINA_HOME and CATALINA_BASE by default (easier to upgrade)
  • Configuration templates for apply repetitive configuration

tc Server Features

This chart provides a mapping of which tc Server version a feature is available.

Feature tc Runtime Version
Cloud Native Buildpack Support 4.1.4
tc Runtimes On Demand 4.1.0
Templates On Demand 4.1.0
Kubernetes Support 4.1.0

For a more detailed list of difference please review the tc Server vs Tomcat Comparison Chart

Cloud Native Buildpack Support

A Cloud Native Buildpack was introduced for building cloud native images of a tc Runtime Instance

Documentation is available here

tc Runtimes On Demand

This features allows any version of a tc Runtime available in the Remote tc Runtime Repository to be specified at instance creation and if no version is specified it ensures the latest version will be used.

This feature may easily be disabled by setting runtimes.ondemand=false in conf/tcserver.properties

Templates On Demand

This features allows automatic downloading of a template featured in the Remote Template Repository

Kubernetes Support

Features were added for easily working with Kubernetes such as the ability to deploy an application war file at instance creation and configuring instances via YAML instance descriptor files.

Please review the how-to guide for more details.